Transformational Leadership

There are two key things that must be considered when organisations are transitioning into new ways of working :

1) Has the change improved the employees’ experience and helped them develop?

2) Has the change improved the business by enabling fast and safe delivery whilst adding value to the customers?

Without the above two conditions being satisfied for every step taken towards transformation, the entire process becomes devoid of positive outcomes. …

A few years ago, I had read a book by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky; “Make Time — How to focus on things that matter”. The book’s contents were particularly intriguing to me, and one of the central themes of the book is the idea that two different forces compete for every single handful of our time — namely, The Busy Bandwagon and The Infinity Pool.

To provide some context, The Bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby people do something primarily because others are doing it as well, regardless of their own beliefs (which typically become abhorrent to those…

A Community of Practice (CoP) shares a common concern, a set of problems, or an interest in a topic; consisting of individuals who — in the pursuit of fulfilling both individual and group goals — come together. They often focus on sharing best practices and creating new knowledge to advance a domain of professional practice: a key factor of this is continual interaction.

Components of a CoP

According to Etienne Wenger, aspiring CoPs must have three distinct traits to be truly considered a Community of Practice: as shown in Figure 1.1 below.

  • Domain — An area of shared interest
  • Practice — A shared body…

Picture from Microsoft Docs — Fig 1.1

A Microservice architecture consists of a collection of small, autonomous services. Each service is self-contained and should implement a single business capability. Although this type of architecture helps teams with agility, scalability, and easy fault isolation, etc., there are several challenges when it comes to development and testing: testing a small service that relies on other dependent services requires a different approach than testing a traditional monolithic or layered application; adapting the automation pyramid or traditional tools and practices that have helped us in the past is currently unfeasible.

Test strategies for microservices consist of four key parts:

  1. The Unit Test
  2. The Component Tests — The behavior of every…

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In agile development, both verification and validation happen as close to simultaneously as possible. Largely, this is due to the necessity to keep refining and updating the user stories, requiring small V&V loops for continuous feedback.

Prior to any further exploration on this however, we must disambiguate the full definitions of the terms ‘Verification’ and ‘Validation’.


A test of a system to prove that it meets all its specified requirements at a particular stage of its development.


An activity that ensures that an end product stakeholder’s true needs and expectations are met.

However — acknowledging the fact that verification and…

In software development we always talk about measures. There are several key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics in the agile software development process which provide guidance for strategic planning , evaluation and improving operational process. Some of the most common KPIs in agile are cumulative flow, sprint burn down, velocity, cycle time, code coverage, automated vs manual tests, et cetera. I was in a workshop recently which was dedicated to measures; There were several types of measures discussed, which got me thinking more deeply about them.

Measures are important and don’t need to be associated with a number. Like happiness…

Docker Logo

The first time I heard about Docker was at XP 2016, when the speakers kept talking about how it was going to solve all the problems. I was curious, not knowing what Docker was or what problems it could be used to solve - which made me have hunch that I might need to learn it . I’m not a big fan of new acronyms and terminologies thrown at me .I was told by colleagues that my automated tests would run much faster if I used Docker, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about my selenium tests running on…

In my opinion, a fitting analogy for a Test Strategy document would be that pair of socks in your wardrobe that are omnipresent, but never there simultaneously. Imagine my plight when I was suddenly responsible for creating one!

I felt like I had been set up for failure.

I have bad feelings associated with the phrase ‘test strategy’ as it has always been created as a tester-specific artifact and not the team(s’) specific document. …

An Honest Review

This book helps us understand that BDD is not a tool. Often teams use gherkin as a tool to automate their tests and think that they follow BDD, this book clarifies the confusion very well.

BDD has 3 practices: Discovery, Formulation and Automation.

This book focuses on the Discovery aspects. It highlights the importance of discovery and how teams could have structured conversations to understand the requirement better such that the failures caused by misunderstanding can be eliminated. The book guides you through understanding how creating examples can effectively flush out ambiguity.

We will understand thoroughly a…

Gherkin has been a choice of tool for a long time within the test community for implementing automated tests.

When I got first introduced to gherkin several years ago, I was fascinated with the idea of my test suites being driven by a gherkin layer. I first used gherkin using specflow for c#. There were 2 main things that attracted me to this:

  1. Being able to explain a functionality in a simple format helped establish a common language between those who code and those who didn’t.
  2. I also had better control over understanding my test coverage as in I knew…

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